More International News for the 10R Skipper

We have received this information from Matteo Longhi and we are pleased to pass this on to our skippers.

Dear Friends,
Here you can find more infos about the European Nations Cup for Marblehead Class and for 10r.  2018 was the first year of a new competition born with the purpose to have good Marblehead regattas in good venues across Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The answer of the skippers was enthusiastic and all 3 events were successfull for number of entries, level of sailing, fair play and friendship.
For 2019 France will join the group and we thought to support 10r class too.
Henning has already done a great job preparing websites for both classes where new contents will be constantly added.
I hope to see you at these events to share together great moments of sailing and more else.
Please share these informations to your closer skipper community.
Infos will be shered also on facebook rather than on the new websites.
Good wind
Matteo Longhi
We think that Matteo’s last sentance should read, Info will also be shared on facebook
The dates are:
European Nations Cup Switzerland – 24th-26th August
European Nations Cup Italy – 21st-23rd September
European Nations Cup France -1st-03rd November
Check the UK calendar before commiting if you are trying to qualify for West Kirby 2020, but these are great events for those who like to travel.
2019 and 2020 are shaping up to be great years for the 10R class – come and join us.

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