Ten Rater Class Wants You

Ten Rater Class Captain Hugh McAdoo ask for volunteers

All skippers who were at the recent world championships in Limone sul Garda will be aware of the proposals for the formation of the 10R International Class Association. The proposals will give the class much more power in determining its own future and organisation and will enable all skippers to be involved with the decision making process. Our International interim class representatives as supported by those in attendence in Italy, are calling for volunteers to be part of a small working group to move the formation of the ICA forward.

For the UK 10R Class it is important that we have a representative within this working group so that we can not only stay abreast of developments but have the views of the GBR class skippers considered during  the formation of the International Ten Rater Class Association; therefore as Class Captain I am asking for volunteers who will take on this vital role and participate within the working group for the future of our class.

 Please read the request from our interim International Class representatives below and contact me if you have any questions.

Hugh McAdoo Ten Rater Class Captain



Marblehead and 10R International Class Associations

 “Dear Radiosailing skipper,

During the recent Marblehead and 10 rater World Championships in Italy we had meetings discussing the way to support these two classes in the future and the majority of the skippers voted to explore situation of class associations.

The main purpose of these is to involve skippers from all the world into a real democratic approach to the classes management. Anyone should be part of any decision related to the classes having the right to vote directly and personally and not leaving the decisional power into the hands of few ones.

Class associations should provide information and should support skippers for administrative and technical issues. Not only rights but duties, because a class association needs volunteers to run any kind of activities.

If you are an active M or/and 10r skippers your opinion is important and precious. Please mail us your opinion if you support a class association or not.

If you feel yourself capable to be engaged into a class active role, stand up your name. We need the mentioned volunteers to support the possible next steps. The Working group should take care of administration, technical, racing and promotion.

We hope to have a very positive feedback from a lot of you that would force us to open a class website with a dedicated forum.

It has been planned to close the survey at the end of the year.
Thank you for your engagement.”

Gerd Mentges (10 Rater) and Matteo Longhi (Marblehead)
2016 WC meeting chairmen of Class Association working groups

Gerd Mentges email: mentges ‘at’ uke.de
Matteo Longhi email: matteolonghi ‘at’ ymail.com


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