UK Ten Rater Class Owners Comments Required

email sent from Hugh McAdoo to all 10R skippers but if you did not receive or see the email here it is
All 10R Skippers/Owners,

We as a Class, have been asked by Bill Green, the MYA Racing Secretary for our views on the following questions. As a Class we have the beginnings of a Ranking Series and I hope we can build on this in future years, so the questions are valid and I would value your input my sending your options to me and I will collect them and forward our views to Bill.

• The idea of only featuring MYA National, Ranking and District Champs in the Year Book with a full calendar featuring Open and Club events on the web site.
• Any proposed change on the ranking scoring points particularly concerning whether the National should be included in the Ranking events and if so should it rank as a single event or should It have more ranking points as multi day event
• Whether to allow date changes for ranking events in extreme circumstances. This would be to give the Race Team greater flexibility in extenuating circumstances.
• Consider the position of Race Officers and the way pints are allocated to them
Bill also has the following comments:-

“I’d like this to be a ground up view however it does need to be consistent across all Ranking events regardless of class and if change is to be made it will be formulated through 2016 for implement sip in 2017”
“I’d appreciate you coming back to me reasonably quickly do if change us wanted we can get moving on it. If you all want I can kick something off on the Forum. Let me know if you want me to do that.”

With regard to his last comment, I would like to respond by the end of next week.
Have you seen our new class logo on our website, kindly designed by Terry Rensch.
Kind Regards,
Hugh Mcadoo
10R Class Captain

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